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Arrowhead Art Collection


We’ve booked Arrowhead Stadium for a tour of their growing art collection. Sharron Hunt, only daughter of Chief’s founder Lamar Hunt, and an esteem committee have assembled a collection of paintings, sculpture and prints from artists in the four state region. Over the past years it has grown into a world-class collection, with artwork by regional artists Wilbur Niewald, Philomene Bennett, Lonnie Powell, Jun Kaneko, Phil Epp, and Anne Lindberg to name a few.


July 25th

5:15 - 9:00

Arrowhead Stadium; KC, MO


The collection is design to celebrate regional art while providing educational opportunities and engaging the community in a way that touches individuals of all ages and walks of life. Our tour begins at 5:15pm and will take 90 minutes.

Families are welcome and the cost is only $15 per person. There will be no reception, but this is a great opportunity to see the beautiful collection. Those who purchase tickets will receive an email a few days prior about gate and door location.

A portion of your $15 will be donated to the Kansas City Chiefs Arts Learning Program, a comprehensive educational program for grades 3-6 with lessons that are themed to reflect regional history and geography, art and artists, plus personal creativity and the imagination.

5:15 -7:00

Opening Ceremony

Get inspired by guest speaker and renowned artist, Ada Basque.

7:00 - 9:00

Shibori Workshop

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